Giving Model

In October of 2008 Waterfront Community Church opened its doors with a very radical financial model. We decided to invest our Sunday offerings entirely in the needs of others. Jesus once told his disciples, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” So we decided the heart of our church would forever be looking outside our walls.  We were featured in international news stories which are included on this website.  God has used and continues to use our church community to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. From the single mom living in our own neighborhood who is struggling to make ends meet, to giving children rescued from the international sex trade industry a half-way house where they can be protected and trained to reenter society.

Today, our giving model continues to focus primarily on the needs outside our walls but starting in 2016 we now also consider the needs inside our walls.  For we strive to live our mission statement which is loving God and people well and “people” include the people inside our walls.  Even though it is rare for us to look inside our walls, we will occasionally announce that the Sunday offering for a particular week will go to help fund a mission trip for our young adults, an unusual purchase for the church such as a baptismal, or repairs to the sound system for our worship team.  Our primary focus continues, however, to look to the needs outside of our walls

Waterfront has been blessed with opportunities since 2008 to lend a financial hand to thousands of people. And we believe that every dollar given has been and will continue to be a spiritual investment in our mission of loving God and people well.

Our Projects

Over the years, Waterfront has contributed to amazing charitable organizations who do great work in our world — Organizations like International Justice Mission, Feed My Starving Children, Fellowship Housing, and Bright Hope.

We have also routinely supported local individuals who simply need a hand. Nominated by community partners or members of our church, we have helped dozens of people. Here are a few notes of thanks we’ve recently received from those we’ve helped in our community:


Waterfront Community Church Projects

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