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The Story

The Story

The Story continues in 2018!

Did you ever wonder what the Bible is all about?  How does it fit together?  What is God telling us through these writings?  The Story is a complete spiritual growth pathway for every member of the family.  As we go through The Story, all members of your family will be learning and growing through the same segments of the Bible in chronological sequence. Whether you are 3, 30 or 93, we will all be on the same journey together!

As we have gone on this journey together we have learned from the beginning of time, all the way until now, God has been at work in two ways throughout the centuries:  First, in The Lower Story – the lower story is the story that we can see, it’s our everyday lives and God has been at work in our stories and in the stories of the people throughout the years in the Bible.  But second, is The Upper Story, this is where God does His best work, in the ways we cannot see.  This is His great plan for us – the people He loves so much!

As we experience The Story together, we are starting to see how the Lower Story and the Upper Story intersects and God’s awesome plan of redemption is unfolding right before our eyes!

This is your story.  This is our story.
This is the greatest story ever told!
This is God’s story.

You ready to join us?  This Sunday is the perfect time to join in!
We meet each Sunday at 10:00AM!

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